Student Interview

Prasanth Senthilvelan / B4 student


Nowadays there are many new topics growing in Computer Science and Engineering and many new problems too. So if you want to find new solutions using Computer Engineering techniques, it is the best to choose Honiden-Tei lab.

This lab gives us space to choose any topic related to computer science and engineering like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Autonomous Driving, Self-Adaptive Systems and etc. This lab makes us ready for achieving our future goals. The professors and the mentors guide us towards achieving those goals. This lab also gives us an idea about postgraduate and PhD and trains us so that it will be easier during the future education.

Jiang Pengcheng / B4 student


Hi! I am Jiang, currently a third-year student major in computer science. This is my second semester taking research project in Honiden-Tei Lab.

In the last semester, I was focusing on an IoT application project named air purifying system. I’m sure that you will never know how fun it is to construct your own IoT project until you try it, especially for the beginner. The sense of accomplishment of it is really impressive, for you can actually see how the codes you wrote into microcontrollers (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, NodeMCU, etc.) works to utilize the sensors or control the electrical equipment.

You can even build your own smart home with your preferences by implementing IoT knowledge. In order to continue researching on the most interested field to me, I have changed my research topic to self-adaptive security system from the beginning of this semester.

Currently I am learning the knowledge of CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes) which is designed to deal with concurrent systems and could able to be implemented to self-adaptive system. My goal this semester is to compare the performance differences between CSP and LTSA on self-adaptive systems, and then discuss their advantages as well as their weaknesses. Our lab is really hospitable to newcomers and all of us are affable to talk about anything. So, please feel free to visit, and we are expecting you to join us!