" Software in open environment should be designed as autonomous agent "

Research Areas

Software systems embedded in the real world are exposed to various and uncertain changes occurred in the environment. We deal with engineering techniques to develop autonomous agent-based software that be able to adapt and/or evolve flexibly in response to the changes. Our research topics include self-adaptive systems that be able to change the software itself in response to the changes monitored at runtime, automated software evolution that updates software systems at runtime, Models @ runtime that is a set of techniques to enable the self-adaptation and/or automated software evolution by utilizing models at runtime, and automatic program repair that automatically identifies and fixes program faults causing failures.


In order to achieve meaningful contributions to the research fields mentioned above, we try to:

  • spot global movements
  • be visionaries
  • set cutting-edge research themes
  • deliver results that are above the state-of-the-art

Self-Adaptive Systems

Modern software systems closely interact with external entities (e.g. users, external services, and physical entities), whose changes occur at runtime and are impossible to be completely predicted at development time. How does such a system address the changes in the environment? Self-adaptive system that (1) monitors the changes, (2) analyzes and plans modification of structure and/or behavior of the system to maintain its qualities, and (3) executes the plan during system execution, is known as a promising approach. We are working on models @ run.time techniques that utilize models of the system even at runtime by the system to make assured decision about self-adaption at runtime. -> Details

IoT system development

Analyze, design, and implement your own IoT systems by adding IoT sensors and/or actuators to our IoT testbed hosted on Amazon Web Services -> Details

Autonomous driving software development

Develop adaptive software determining a driving route at runtime, on top of autonomous driving software framework Autoware and an autonomous driving simulator Carla -> Details

Project Research

We welcome project research students.In the project research, you will experience development of IoT/CPS systems or development of autonomous agent software by using advanced development tools. -> Details

International Exchanges

We have active collaborations with world-leading research groups in overseas universities and institutes. -> Details

Laboratory Environment

  • Laptop PC, display monitor, desk for all student
    • Project Student too
  • IoT devices for research
  • Smart Speaker (Google Home)
  • Smart Light (Philips Hue Lite)
  • Wearable Sensors (J!ns MEME)
  • Arduino / Raspberry Pi ( and several sensors and actuators)